A person or a family is admitted regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex or disability. Applicants must qualify both with eligibility requirements and income requirements.

To be eligible, the head of the household must be a person 62 years of age or a person with a disability under the age of 62 but over the age of 18. The disability must be verified by a physician.

In order to receive rental subsidy from HUD, the applicant must meet income qualifications. Approximately 5% of the units are available for non-subsidized or full market rent depending on the length of the waiting list. Income limits are set by the federal government and change each year. They are based on total gross income, and all sources of income must be verified. For Canterbury South (1700 S. Lancaster): the annual income limit is less than $25,100 for one family member and $28,700 for two family members. For Canterbury North (1600 S. Lancaster): the income is less than $15,700 for one family member and $17,900 for two family members. Some examples of income include: Social Security benefits, S.S.I., pensions, retirement and interest from savings, checking, CD’s, dividends, royalties, or other assets.

In order to determine each residents rent payment, the amount of gross income and income obtained from assets will be verified by the staff. Deductions for medical expenses are then calculated. These expenses may include: Medicare premiums, supplemental health insurance, services of physicians and health care professionals, dental expenses, eye glasses, health aids or equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, payments on accumulated medical bills, and prescriptions. Once this process has been completed, and adjusted income (gross income minus medical and other allowances) is established and the rent is calculated.

A security deposit is required upon leasing the apartment. The amount of the deposit is equal to one months rent.

This agency does not discriminate against persons with disabilities.

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